MLD Showcase 2015 - Reggaeton


This workshop is a pre-requisite for anyone doing our Beginners Samba Course for the first time. You are only required to do it once, with your first Beginners Samba and then simply continue with the Beginners Samba Courses each term.

The workshop will primarily focus on the actual basic step of samba and all the detailed technique involved in getting the samba basic as fluid and smooth as possible whilst maximising range of hip movement and isolation. There will also be a section on the arm movement in the samba basic.

The 2 hour Workshop is $30 if paid by Friday 6th December or $40 thereafter



In this 2 hour spinning workshop you will learn the fundamental elements of spinning, broken down in great detail. We will cover spinning technique literally from the ground up, including specific details about the all the fundamental technical elements that need to come together in a spin to make it work. 

We will drill all of these elements separately and then put them all together as we drill various types of spins.

You only need to do this workshop once in order to move onto Spinning 2. 

This workshop is a pre-requisite for anyone doing Samba or Bachata at MLD and ideally should be done within the first 2 terms of Beginners.  Students doing Salsa at MLD will cover this material in Salsa Fundamentals and Technique but are also welcome to do this workshop.



In Spinning 1 we teach you how – in Spinning 2 we drill and drill and drill.  It is mastery through practice.  Mastery is not achieved in a minute.

•2 solid hours of drilling all the fundamental elements of spins

•Individual feedback from Liz and/or James on what can be improved

•Applying the spinning techniques to various types of spins: NY, LA hooks etc. and also using arm styling for the fancy turns!!


This workshop will only run once per term and we recommend that you continue to attend it every term if you are serious about improving your spins.

Pre-requisites for this workshop are the Spinning 1 workshop or the Salsa Fundamentals and Technique 8 week course.

Every student of Salsa, Samba and Bachata should ideally attend this workshop every term, unless of course their spins are already perfect.  This workshop is only run once per term, so although that only amounts to 6 times per year which of course is no where near enough in terms of practice, however it is certainly a start, particularly because we will be there to teach you and guide you, making sure you are practicing correctly.





Salsa Shines

Salsa Shines are when the man and woman break away from each other during a salsa dance and do solo footwork.  This happens when you get to the part of a salsa song called the "descarga" when there is so much going on in the music, that just doing salsa turn patterns doesn't cut it in terms of musicality so you break away from your partner (still facing each other though!) and totally bust out! :-)

Learning shines is not only great for this application while social dancing, learning shines also really helps your timing and musicality for actual salsa turnpatterns.  Above all - they are soooooo fun!

Shines are taught to students for the first time at the Beginners Salsa Showcase level.  You'll then learn them for 10 - 15 minutes at the beginning of every Intermediate Salsa and Advanced Salsa class.

The Men's Salsa Shines team generally does not run year round.  It will usually only be run as a Showcase performance course and then, those routines may also be added to the Squad repertoire. 

In 2019, The Men's Salsa Shines Team will run from through Terms 4 and 5 and culminate with a performance at the MLD Showcase on Saturday the 19th of October.  


How the levels work: 
This runs as a performance course, usually only once per year so there are no levels as such. It is however a high Intermediate / Advanced Level so you'll need to be fairly proficient at shines to join

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