MLD Showcase 2018 - Samba Squad 'OBA'

Think feathers, sequined and bedazzling jeweled bikinis - think Rio Carnival and you're on the right track!  

Brazilian Samba, as the name would suggest, originated in Brazil and is of afro-Brazilian origin.  It is a stunning, super high energy, vibrant, dance which is lots of fun to learn and all about moving the hips!  Just about everyone who tries this dance totally falls in love with it!!  It really is amazing and totally addictive!

Brazilian Samba is a solo dance and although it can also be danced by men, at MLD, for the moment at least, we only offer classes teaching the female version of the dance.  

If you’re thinking of trying this dance style, prepare yourself for an incredible workout and loads of fun!

Revision videos - yep, we've thought of everything.  We have private Facebook Groups for each of our Levels and Courses at MLD and every week as we add new material we upload it in to the group.  This is great in case you need to miss a class or just as a great reference if you want to practice between classes.  (and we just know you're going to want to practice at home between classes!) ;-)

Here's a little on what to expect at each level:

1 - Beginners Samba

Newbies to Samba - welcome!  This is where you get started.  There are five Beginners Samba 8 Week Syllabus Courses plus the Beginners Samba Showcase term - so you'll spend about a year at the beginners level.  

In each Beginners Samba 8 Week Course you'll learn a routine that has been choreographed to a Samba song.  These routines are super cute and have been specifically and choreographed to include the fundamental moves and footwork that you need to learn at the beginners level.  It's all very structured and clever but the routines are so cute, sexy and fun - you'd never know it! ;-)

All five of the 8 Week Beginners Samba Syllabus Courses are the same level of difficulty but they are all completely different routines.  All routines will cover the fundamental moves such as the Samba Basic, Turns and the Rebola for example.

In terms of the structure of each class at this level, we'll start with isolations, then learn/revise/drill the basics such as mihudinu, the Samba Basic, Rebola, turns or whatever new move we are adding to the routine in that week. Then in the second half of the class we learn and revise the routine.

Given that it is an 8 Week Course, the routine is learnt gradually over the 8 Weeks.  That is, we teach a little on the first night of the course, then on the second week we revise that then add a little more and so on for the rest of the 8 Weeks until before you know it, you're at Week 8 and you're totally nailing the routine.


1 - Samba Basic Workshop

This is a 2 hour Workshop which must be done in the same term as your first Beginners Samba Course with us.  If for any reason you can't make the workshop date, you can always cover the material by booking a private lesson.

The "Samba Basic" is the main step of Brazilian Samba and we'll we break it right down in this workshop.  Actually, Samba "Basic" is a bit of a misnomer!  It can take a little bit of time and effort to get this one down but it really is totally worth it!   This is why we run the workshop separately from the Beginners Samba 8 Week Courses.  We spend 2 full hours teaching the basic thoroughly in the workshop.  Then, once you've done the Samba Basic workshop with your first course, and learnt thoroughly how to execute it, we'll then continue to practice and drill it each week in the course.  

Running the workshop also means that we don't have to spend 2 hours in every 8 Week Course throughout the year teaching it from scratch.  As new ladies join the school, they simply do the workshop.  It's all very clever and organized so that you get the most out of your time with us! 

This workshop normally runs on Sunday at the end of Week 1.  (Note: we always get people contacting us concerned that they won't be able to do the first class of the course because the workshop is at the end of the first week.  Please don't worry.  It's specifically designed this way as you won't need to know the basic in the first class of the course because the basic is never in the intro of the routine) :-)


3 - Beginners Samba Showcase

The MLD Showcase is our annual concert and is your opportunity to put the skills you've been acquiring up on stage!

Our regular 8 Week Terms are one hour per week for 8 Weeks, however the Showcase Term is 2.5 hours per week for 8 weeks.  Here you also learn a full choreographed routine complete with position changes and costumes of course!

Showcase will run in Term 5 in 2019 and you only need to have done one term of Beginners Samba with us to be able to do the Showcase.  For more on showcase, click here.


4 - Intermediate Samba

This is where we ramp it right up!  During your year in Beginners you will have covered all the basics and fundamentals and developed a good sense of technique,timing and musicality.  In Intermediate we put all of that on steroids!  We also get that well trained samba to some serious speed and also add a lot more of Liz's very favorite thing about Samba - lots of fast and fancy footwork!!  The kicks, the flicks, the cute, sexy little twists and so much more.  We have loads of videos in our Video Gallery that will give you a good indication of what our samba flavour is all about.  Be sure to check them out.

Intermediate Samba will be where you continue your ongoing journey of continuously learning new routines as you gain mastery of all aspects of your samba.  It's a fruitful, gratifying and super fun journey.


5 - Samba Squad

Entry into Samba Squad is by invitation only.  

There is a Salsa Squad as well as a Samba Squad.  These are the highest student levels at the school.  The Squads perform at Showcase of course, but they also perform year round at other events and festivals.

We are always keen to add the right people people into this group and we are therefore always keeping a keen eye on our students progress.  When we see that you're ready, we'll invite you into the squad.  Please, keep honing your skills - we actually LOVE it when we are able to invite our students up in to squad.  


6 - Melbourne Latin Dancers 

The ML Dancers is a very small, select group of students who Liz and James will call on to rehearse and perform with them as part of the ML Dancers for professional gigs.  These students will have usually already been in the Squads for quite some time.

Only ladies who are in both the Samba Squad and also the Salsa Squad will be chosen to be part of the ML Dancers as they must be proficient in both dances.

ML Dancers will resume in 2020.


How the levels work: 
There are 5 Beginners Samba 8 Week Courses at this level in which you'll learn all the basics within adorable routines. Including the Beginners Samba Showcase, you'll spend about one year at this level
You'll learn the main step of Brazilian Samba in this 2 hour workshop which should be done with your first term of Beginners Samba.
The "STT" workshop is 2 hours of breaking down, drilling and honing your spinning technique.  Do it as you begin your dance journey in Samba and then consistently revisit it as often as possible
The MLD Showcase is your opportunity to perform! You only need to have done one term of Beginners Samba with us to be able to do the Showcase
This level is where you will continue your ongoing Samba journey
The Samba Squad rehearses year round and is by invitation only. Work hard - we'd love to invite you!
This is our elite pro team who will be selected from our Samba Squad for commercial gigs. Ladies chosen for ML Dancers must also be in Salsa Squad

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