MLD Showcase 2015 - Advanced Salsa

Beginners Salsa

In the Beginners Salsa Course students can expect to learn the basic timing, footwork and turnpatterns (partnered moves) of LA style salsa.  Ladies and men learn their footwork individually for the first 15 or so minutes of the class then partner and put it all together in the turnpattern. 
At MLD we place a very strong emphasis on teaching correct technique thoroughly. It is at the Beginners Level where we lay the foundations of the fundamentals and technique of LA style salsa. This class prepares the student for the more complex turn patterns and shines of the Intermediate class.

At the Beginners Level there are 3 different Beginners Salsa Syllabus Courses which students should complete before advancing to Intermediate.  Each of these 3 Beginners Syllabus Courses are the same level of difficulty, however each contains different course content so that students are learning new steps in each course while improving on their fundamentals such as timing and leading and following techniques. Having said that, the 3 Beginners Courses are designed with some element of repetition and over lap between the courses with some of the crucial steps, so as they become second nature and ingrained in the students “muscle memory” 

The way it works is that students choose the Beginners Course which best suits them from the timetable and then they are able to complete all 3 Beginners Syllabus Courses in that timeslot as all 3 Beginners Courses rotate at the end of each Term in the same timeslot.  This means that Beginners may stay with the class time and day that suits them over the 3 Terms.  Again, because each of the Courses are the same level of difficulty but with different Course content, it doesn’t matter which of the 3 Beginners Courses students commence with.  

Another benefit of this structure is that because the same course is run on the Tuesday night as is run on the Thursday night at any given time, if for example a student enrolled into the Tuesday beginners course is unable to attend the Course on a particular Tuesday due to prior commitments, they may attend the Thursday Course that week instead so long as they inform the school prior to the absence and catch up class they intend to take.

Intermediate Salsa

At the Intermediate Level there are 6 courses for the students to complete prior to moving on to Advanced.  

This is the level at which students should spend most of their time. It is at this level where students become quite fluid within the turnpatterns and leading/following more advanced moves become second nature.  Social dancing should be a breeze at this level!

Shines (also known as solo footwork) are also taught at this level.  Shines take students to the next level in their Salsa as they improve timing, co-ordination, speed agility and balance.  There is also a much greater emphasis on spins in Intermediate.  More advanced spins are taught and included within both shines and turnpatterns.

Advanced Salsa

The Advanced Salsa Syllabus Courses are unlimited and constantly changing in order to keep up with current international trends in Salsa development.

The turn patterns you learn here demand exceptional technique and balance. Students entering this level should be able to execute everything in intermediate without a hitch. The pace of the course/level is high!

How the levels work: 
1- Beginners Salsa
This is the first Level
2 - Salsa Technique - Body Movement, Spinning and Intermediate footwork
3 - Intermediate Salsa
4 - Advanced Salsa
5 - Salsa Squad
6 - ML Dancers

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