Welcome to Melbourne Latin Dance

Melbourne Latin Dance has long been regarded as one of the best Latin dance schools in Melbourne due to the quality of its classes - specifically the high level of technique taught. In 2015 MLD is celebrating its 10th Birthday, making MLD one of the longest running Salsa schools in Melbourne but more importantly - a friendly and fun place to learn Latin dance in Melbourne! The main styles of dance we offer are Salsa, Samba, Reggaeton and Bachata.

We have been offering Salsa classes in Melbourne for 10 years and were the first Latin dance school to offer Bachata classes in Melbourne. Shortly after that we were one of the very first schools to introduce Reggaeton to the Melbourne salsa scene and soon followed Brazilian Samba which is another favorite at Melbourne Latin Dance.

Our classes are taught as 8 Week Courses because organized syllabus courses have proven to be a far more efficient and effective way for students to learn and retain what they learn with revision and repetition, as compared to casual classes.

Our classes are taught by our team of friendly and well trained instructors at our centrally located studio in Richmond.

We welcome students of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced dancers! Come with a friend or come alone – you don’t need to come with a partner!

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What's On at MLD?

  • 8 Week Courses start Monday 27th June
  • Early Bird Discounts until Friday 3rd June
  • Half Price Courses at MLD!
  • Free Trial Classes in the first week of Term!


6.30 – 7.30 Beginners Samba
7.30 – 8.30 Beginners Reggaeton
8.30 – 9.30 Intermediate Reggaeton
6.30 – 7.30 Beginners Samba
7.30 – 8.30 Beginners Salsa
8.30 – 9.30 Beginners Bachata
6.30 – 7.00 Advanced Salsa Performance Team Rehearsal
7.00 – 8.00 Advanced Salsa
8.00 – 9.00 Intermediate Samba
9.00 – 9.30 Intermediate Samba Performance Team Rehearsal
6.00 – 7.00 Beginners Salsa
7.00 – 8.00 Salsa Technique and Fundamentals (4 Week Course for men)
7.00 – 8.00 Salsa Technique and Fundamentals (8 Week Course for Women)
8.00 – 9.00 Intermediate Salsa
9.00 – 10.00 Intermediate Bachata

EARLY BIRD Prices for 8 Week Courses (if paid on or prior to Friday 3rd June)

$120 per Course
$100 each if 2 Courses are taken in the same Term
$90 each if 3 Courses are taken in the same Term
$80 each if 4 Courses are taken in the same Term

Prices for 8 Week Courses

$140 per Course
$120 each if 2 Courses are taken in the same Term
$110 each if 3 Courses are taken in the same Term
$100 each if 4 Courses are taken in the same Term


We are currently offering a “2 for the price of 1” deal at MLD! Yep! HALF PRICE COURSES!!!! That means that you and a friend can both get your courses for the price of just one course. At least one of you needs to be a NEW student to MLD though – so if you know someone who has always wanted to lean to dance – and we all do – then NOW is the time to do it!

The deal applies to any of our 8 Week Courses (even our Fast-Track Beginners Salsa Weekend Course), which means that you and your friend do not have to enroll into the same course to get the deal. You can also get Early Bird Discounts with this deal however “Multiple Course Discounts” will not apply with the “2 for 1” deal.

All you need to do to take up your half price course is email us at dance@melbournelatindance.com.au with your full name and mobile number and also that of your friend and be sure to also let us know which courses you’d both like to register for. We’ll then link your registration forms and send you our banking details. Then you pay for 1 course but get 2 – one for you and one for your friend!


This workshop is a pre-requisite for anyone doing our Beginners Samba Course for the first time. You are only required to do it once, with your first Beginners Samba and then simply continue with the Beginners Samba Courses each term.

The workshop will primarily focus on the actual basic step of samba and all the detailed technique involved in getting the samba basic as fluid and smooth as possible whilst maximizing range of hip movement and isolation. There will also be a section on arms in samba, travelling turns and more!

Next Samba Basic & Fundamentals Workshop is Sunday 3rd July from 11am – 1pm

$30 if paid on or prior to Friday 3rd June or $40 if paid after Friday 3rd June


At Melbourne Latin Dance, we offer our classes as 8 Week Courses however, we are now offering a way to fast-track an entire 8 Week term of Salsa learning into just one weekend! If you love the benefits of a structured syllabus course but due to work or travel commitments etc an 8 Week commitment is not ideal for you - we have come up with a way for you to have both!

This method of total immersion, with our structured syllabus course spanning over one weekend will have you move forward in leaps and bounds in just two days! The course will consist of 3.5 hours on the Saturday, followed by 3.5 hours on the Sunday.


Sat 30th & Sun 31st July11 am – 2.30 pmFriday 15th July
Sat 24th & Sun 25th Sept11 am – 2.30 pmFriday 9th Sept


As per pricing for 8 Week Courses above including Early Bird Discounts and Multiple Course Discounts


Sunday 29th May 11 am – 5 pm @ Melbourne Latin Dance

11.00 – 1.00Samba Styling for Ladies Workshop – by Patricia Falciola (NSW)
1.00 – 3.00‘Samba Drumming – for – Dancers’ Workshop – by Speranza Drum-Live
3.00 – 5.00Samba for Men Workshop – by Patricia Falciola (NSW)

Early Bird Pricing (if paid on or before Sunday 22nd May)
$40 for 1 Workshop
$30 each for 2 Workshops

Regular Pricing (if paid after Sunday 22nd May)
$50 for 1 Workshop
$35 each for 2 Workshops

Samba Styling for Ladies Workshop

Patricia Falciola, is one of the few dancers in the Australian Latin Scene who has been performing and teaching in the Latin scene for well more than 10 years. She is a seasoned performer who has an incredible flare and grace when she dances. Her workshop will focus on just that. You will learn a choreography jam packed with arm styling, body styling and the cutest fancy Samba footwork!

‘Samba Drumming – for – Dancers’ Workshop

After being thoroughly inspired when I was in Sydney recently as I watched Patricia beat the drums for her Samba team, I felt compelled as a Samba dancer and teacher, to learn more about how the various samba drums come together to make the Samba rhythms that we all know and love! It then occurred to me that students should have access to this too! All Samba dancers should at least understand the music or even better – be able to play it!

This workshop will focus on exactly that.

Gerald Speranza, founder of Speranza Drum-Live and a brilliant and seasoned musician in his own right will teach us about each of the samba drums and how they all come together. He will also have 3 of his band members with him so that we will have the sound of 4 drums coming together. We will also ensure that apart from drumming out the rhythms, you also get a chance to get on your feet and dance to the drums!

Men’s Samba Workshop

Yes, finally it’s on! Men, finally you can learn this fabulous style that up until now has only been offered for ladies at most schools! If you’ve ever wanted to learn to Samba – then don’t miss this workshop!


Intermediate Samba https://youtu.be/2UqCcq_r9to
Advanced Salsa: https://youtu.be/Nx-YyYQJDiA
Reggaeton: https://youtu.be/OqvDNWUHV9A
Beginners Samba: https://youtu.be/_jJcZxTORQ4
Intermediate Salsa: https://youtu.be/OUImSKCC9gs
Beginners Salsa: https://youtu.be/nm3YQxo_R_0

We hope to see you soon!
Liz and the MLD Team